Branding & Identity for Bands & Record Labels

Music Industry Branding Explained:

Logo: Represents your band, record label, etc., in its simplest form. Often as a symbol, mark, or icon.
- I'm sure you already know what a logo is.

Identity: Refers to visual aspects that form part of an overall brand.
- This encompasses your cover art, merch and everything else you put out; whether you're selling it to make money or posting it on social media.

Brand: The perceived emotional image as a whole. 
- Think "The Beatles"...Now think "Slayer". Both of these bands have clearly established different brands with a unique vibe and aesthetic that can be instantly recalled when you hear their name. This is built over time with consistent intention and quality in everything you release.

How We Can Help:

We take an objective approach to turn your bands into meaningful brands. Building a brand takes time, but it is the best way to get noticed and stay remembered.

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