Mixing: Important Info & Requirements

Audio Files:

• All audio files must be consolidated and all start from the beginning of the project (from ‘Bar 1’) so that all exported files line up correctly.

• Files must have NO EQ, NO COMPRESSION or ANY FX unless it’s a very specific “effected” part, in which case both versions need to be sent.

• All audio files must be exported to the sample rate they were recorded (ex: 44.1 / 48.1kHz and no less than 24 bit).

• Send all the DI’s for the guitars and bass.

• All tracks should be correctly labelled. Please don’t send files named “audio1.wav” or “gtr3_dup3.wav”

• All audio must be exported according to their stereo image:

• Mono: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, All DI’s, etc..

• Stereo: Drum Overheads, Drums room mics, Synths, Pianos, etc..

MIDI Files:

• When you send MIDI files, make sure they are also consolidated from the start of project, just like the audio files. Send a corresponding audio file for that MIDI track.
(Ex: Piano_1_MIDI.mid and PIANO_1.wav). All MIDI must be assigned to Channel 1.

• If you are sending MIDI drums, send a text file with the corresponding notes. (Ex: C1 = Kick, D1 = Snare, etc...). Making the drums sound realistic is something I do very well.

• Send a MIDI file with the tempo of the song. If no MIDI, please sent text file with Tempo.

All of these files (both audio and MIDI) must be tested in a new session BEFORE they are sent.

• Every song needs to be in a separate folder with the elements for each track in subfolders.

• All files MUST BE EDITED BEFORE THE START OF THE MIXING SESSION. This means the drums have to be edited, guitars and bass have to be edited and vocals have to be edited in time and pitch. If you need any editing work done, send me an email to get a quote.

If you have any questions regarding these notes, send me an email BEFORE you send the files.