Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"People will google you...Don't you want them to find you?"

Why even have a website if no one can find you on google and other search engines? We specialize in organic SEO techniques that will help you to get more exposure for not only your band name, but genre tags and other related search terms.

Did you know you can use SEO to get new fans that have never even heard you? We can help you build in the right terms in the right way to have your content pop up when people are searching for something similar. Think of it as a subtle, digital version of the girl scout who sold cookies outside that's just clever thinking.

We also use tools like Google Analytics to help you monitor your website's visitors and suggest changes to get you better results like more traffic and longer visits to your pages.

The SEO game is constantly changing and we keep up! Whether it's classic techniques like keyword strategy or newer stuff like heatmapping, we take everything into consideration to improve your website overall and give your visitors more value...and that's how you build page authority on and off search engines.

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