Tracking: Important Info & Requirements


• The drum setup takes about one to two days. This includes selecting the kit, selecting the snare, changing the drum heads, tuning the kit, micing up the kit, getting tones and samples, etc. Don't expect to track on the first day.

• New drum heads need to be purchased for all the parts of the kit that will be used. One set for a 3-5 song EP and two sets for an 8-12 song album. Please get in touch with me for our recommendations on what to buy. I can recommend some excellent drum techs.

No cracked cymbals. We can also arrange to rent some cymbals you might like or want to use. Get in touch for a quote.

• It is important for the drummer not to play with the hi hats & cymbals too close to the snare and toms. This way I can have as little of the cymbals "bleeding" into the rest of the drum mics, thus vastly improving the sound. Practice this by separating the hi hats & cymbals gradually from the kit. Send us a picture of your setup so we can advise you on what to do.

• Don't hit the hi hats too hard. Some drummers just beat so hard on the hi hats that you don't get anything else in the drum overhead mics and room mics. Practice your dynamics to make them sit better in the mix.

• Practice your parts with a click, ALWAYS.

Bass / Guitars:

• It takes about 1/2 a day to set up the cabs, mics, pre-amps and amp heads, and to experiment and get the best possible tone.

New Strings. For guitars, get one set of strings for each song; bass is one set for every 3-5 songs.

• All guitars and basses should be set up for the tuning of the songs with the proper string gauge. Click here are some charts with some recommendations on string gauge.

• Practice with the string gauge that will be used during tracking.

• Practice your parts with a click, ALWAYS.


• Bring all your lyrics in separate text files or email them to us.

• Be sure you know how to do vocals warm-ups so that you don't blow your voice in 30 mins. Check out this video: