Websites, Merch Stores & Online Marketing

We Build A Better Website. A lot of web designers work with a lot of clients in a lot of industries...we prefer to focus exclusively on the music industry...which is good news for you. Everything, from our tools & plugins, to style & aesthetics, to SEO and online marketing strategy is built around artists, labels, recording studios and everything that connects them. We build websites that work for you, not just sit in the shadow of your social media accounts.

We Help You Sell Online. We have a network of other companies that we work with to help us offer the best possible options for online sales. Whether you have a current store on shopify, bigcartel, bandcamp, etc., we can help you improve & optimize those channels; or we can help you migrate all your products to your own website to cut out the middleman. We can even help you sell on-demand products so you don't have to print anything up front and can feature as many designs as you want. You don't even have to deal with shippng!

We Turn Your Marketing Up to 11..Maybe even 12. If you have a goal, every effort you make in marketing should help you reach that goal. Don't waste time promoting a tour or show with crappy graphics; people nowadays are used to seeing quality design. Anything less is instantly viewed as not worth their time. We can help with keeping your marketing slick and standing out in the right places. 

Don't waste your money boosting social media posts that aren't optimized for the right audience. Consider what a minimal investment into a simple landing page could do for pre-orders, tour announcements and other big-deal news you want to get out to your current and potential fans. We know what we're doing and a 20 minute consultation could save you hundreds in wasted efforts.

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